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What Is A Pip?

The pip, short of a point in percent, represents a small measure of change in the currency pair in the forex market. It can be measured in terms of quotations or in terms of base currency. Pipeline is a standardized component and is the smallest number of coins to change. Usually it’s $ 0.0001 for a pair of currencies related to the American dollar, more commonly known as 1/100 of 1%, or one base point. Estimated size helps protect investors from significant losses. For example, if the pipeline was 10 base stations, a single pipe change would result in greater stability to the currency values.

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Assume that we have a direct USD / EUR quote of 0.7747. What this quote means is that for $ 1 US, you can buy about 0,7747 euros. If there was a one-pipe increase for this quote (up to 0.7748), the value of the US dollar would increase over the euro, since the US dollar would allow you to buy more euros.


  • Multiple currency pairs are quoted in the fourth decimal place. The pipe represents the last and therefore the smallest of the four numbers.
  • Even though the pipeline is a very small part of the measure, forex traders are usually highly discounted and even a single pipeline difference can match the high profit or loss.
  • Pips is the most basic unit of measurement in forex trading.

The effect that one pipe change has on the dollar amount, or the value of the pipe, depends on the number of euros purchased. If the investor buys 10,000 euros with US dollars, the price paid will be $ 12,908.22 ([1 / 0.7747] x 10,000). If the exchange rate for this pair increases by one-pipe, the price paid will be $ 12,906.56 ([1 / 0.7748] x 10,000).

In that case, the value of the pipe for as many as 10,000 euros would be US $ 1.66 ($ 12,908.22 – $ 12,906.56). If, on the other hand, the same investor buys 100,000 euros for the same price, the price of the pipeline will be $ 166 American. As this example shows, the bond value increases depending on the amount of base currency (in this case the euro) purchased. (For related reading, see “Comparing Pips, Tips, and Ticks”)

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